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Suru’s Planet has been created to inspire a generation of kids through the actions, adventures and explorations of Suru, an 8 - year old girl, whose is deeply fascinated with the amazing wonders of our beautiful planet. As Suru tries to achieve her ultimate goal of fighting climate change and saving Planet Earth, she will be joined by nature educators, conservationists, naturalists, international film makers and other kids, in her amazing adventures.

Suru's Planet

From 8 to 18, Suru will travel around the world for 10 years covering over 60 nations and the most important natural wonders of the world. In the process, she will create thousands of Surus who will continue her valuable work. Suru’s Planet will address several of UN’s 2030 Global Sustainable Goals in one go, including Global Partnerships, Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Water & Sanitation, Forests etc.


Ranjini Krishnaswamy

(Chief Advisor)

Ranjini Krishnaswamy is an educationist with around 4 decades of experience in academia.

Jacqui Hocking

Jacqui Hocking is a Visual Storyteller & Social Entrepreneur, focused on solving the Global Goals.

Sanjay Srinivas

Sanjay Srinivas is a writer, director and producer.

Nitin Nath

Nitin has over 16 year of experience of which 12 years were with Deutsche Bank in the Global Markets division in financial structuring and institutional sales roles.


Suru's Planet will form an exclusive club of 500 families who will enjoy amazing privileges for five years. The Suru's Planet Nature Club Premium Membership is being established to create a community of nature lovers who will enable Suru's mission of inspiring millions of children around the world to fight climate change.

From global expeditions to green camps, Himalayan treks to overnight adventures, premium members will enjoy the best deals.

Several programs will be initiated exclusively for the premium members. 

Join now to participate in twenty plus programs in five years and save an amount which is several times your premium membership fee, while enjoying some of your life's best adventures. 

What's more, you enjoy all the privileges of a regular member also.


Membership Fee - SGD 215 only


Episode 1 - Franz Josef Glacier
Episode 2 - White Island Volcano 1st Dec, 2016
Episode 3 - Bay of Islands 15th Dec, 2016

Suru's Planet Nature Quiz

An Exciting online quiz by Suru, world's youngest explorer of the world.
National Winner goes on a global adventure with family!